plot twist: i like making art despite being bad at it

okay, perhaps im being too harsh on myself in saying my art is bad. its not bad, per se, but i have taken no classes in school related to art, have never really looked up any in-depth tutorial videos, dont use references much outside of remembering what a character looks like...the most assistance ive gotten is from an old "how to draw manga" book back in my preteen years. so yeah, my art isnt very professional

what matters, though, is the reason i make so much art: communication. you can read the most detailed description of a table to 3 people who all speak different languages and they probably wouldnt understand what the hell you meant. but if you show them a drawing of a table, theyll know what point youre trying to get across. thats why i make art.

i draw all of the time. expect this page to update frequently.

kin-related art